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Happy Birthday SMS for Sister

Is your sister's birthday coming up in a few days or months? Are you looking for a perfect, meaningful birthday SMS for sister? Then you are at the right place because this page will provide you with the best birthday SMS for sister on her birthday. Birthday is a day celebrated by most of the people and a lot of them expect to receive special messages on their big day. And who does not love their sister, what better way to express your emotions and for your sister on a birthday than by sending a heartfelt, beautiful, sweet birthday message? You can use these notes as birthday SMS for sister, birthday post on Facebook or other social media sites, or use it as a message on a birthday card.

Sisters are special for everyone as they are our partners in a fun, laughter, crime and even sadness. Even if you do not express your love for your sister, you still feel the unconditional love which keeps on growing as you grow old together. Sisters have a special bond with their sisters as well as with their brothers. The equations for both the relationships might be different but the essence of the relationship is the same. Make your sister's birthday better by sending a customized Birthday messages for sister that you can find on this page. Select from a huge range of happy birthday SMS for sister to find the perfect one that suits your sister and your relationship with her. Scroll down to view the whole Birthday wishes messages collection.

birthday sms for sister

Birthday SMS for Sister

You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be same? Or there's a new door?
Know you are special and I am here to pray. Oh sister, have a gr8 Bday
You are not just my sister
You are my guide and friend too
Remember, you mean the world to me
A very Happy Birthday to you.
We have lived a lovely childhood
Argued and laughed like mad
A zillion memories I hold
being your sister makes me glad
Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes sms for sister

Sisters share their secrets and goals,
Deepest hopes and inner souls.
Our lives may change through laughter and tears,
But this love will last the years. Happy Birthday
My childhood would have been imperfect and boring without a sister like you.
Happy birthday my sister!
My sister, please remember that nothing or no one can come between me and you – not even a quarrel or an argument anew. Wonderful bday sis.
My foolish, loving, thoughtful and amusing sister, my life without you would have been a horrible twister.
Wonderful birthday my Sis!

happy birthday sms for sister

This Bday I wish you pleasure and joy;
I hope all your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight for you!
Happy Birthday Sis
To a brother like me, a sister is every single one that a best friend or a lover can and will never be.
Thanks for filling the spaces in my life little sis. Best bday!
When I gaze at you, I feel like I am looking at my own self in the mirror. When I stare at myself in the mirror, I seem to see you. Wonderful Birthday sissy!
Why do you worry about growing older, when you are like wine just getting better and better with age? Happy Birthday to the best sister ever!

birthday wishes sms for sister

Sister, do you actually know what SBFD means? It really Sister but Best Friend in Disguise. Wonderful bday my #SBFD!
Happy birthday to you (name),
From the bottom of my heart.
May your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart! Happy Birthday dear Sister
Wardrobes and outfits can't get any trendier, moving on can't get any easier, and life can't get any better – when a girl has an incredible sister. Best bday sis!
I am so lucky to have
A wonderful sister in law like you
On this special day I wish
All your hopes and dreams come true.
Happy Birthday.
Every year, on your birthday,
I think about how glad I am that you were born,
how thankful I am to have you in my life.
Happy Birthday Sister.

happy birthday sister

Sisters are actually God's way of comforting mankind that pain really exists, but so do healers.  Best birthday to you my sister!
Childhood memories
Secrets and smiles
May we be together
Miles after miles
Happy Birthday Sis
Sisters like you are dazzling diamonds. They glisten, they are invaluable and they are accurately a woman's best friend. Have a wonderful birthday dear sister!
Sisters are not average human beings. They have the patience of a nun and are more stunning than a beauty queen. Happy Birthday Sissy!
Sister, neither of us is perfectly perfect but our mere imperfections make us the charming siblings that we actually are. Wonderful bday!
I will by no means pardon you for each and all the time you have fought with me. But I would like you to know that in spite of our differences I will still care for you completely. Happy birthday beloved sister!
Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.
Happy Birthday to my sweet little sis

birthday sms for sister

How incomplete would one shoe look when being worn without the other pair? That is how I would look like without you my sister. Happy birthday to you!
I love how different you are from me, while still being my sister. Happy Birthday to my very dear older sister! Happy Birthday.
I think that I am the wealthiest person in the world because no one else has the love and admiration of a brilliant sister like you. Happy bday!
Here's wishing a super Happy Birthday to my fantastic, wonderful, great, super and beautiful sister. You are my little princess. Have a wonderful day.
Our family made us sisters, our life made us friends. Here's a great big birthday hug, hope the fun times never end. Happy Birthday my rockstar!
Peer pressure, heart aches and solitude; insecurity, apprehension and gloom – the lone thing common in all of these, is that they can be healed by embraces from a sister like you. Best bday little sis.
Some people demand respect, some envy, some competitiveness and others unqualified love. But you command all these things at once. You really are unique my sister. Happy Birthday!
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